What would you say to an opportunity to start your own business with ...

  • the possibility to make up to 100% returns
  • and requiring minimal capital

We are
ComeCarry.com is a new and innovative approach designed to help you start your business with limited capital. It is a programme to suit all needs whether you just want some extra income to help paying school fees or you are just tired of the 9-5 rat race and desire to be your own boss.

What we do
So often we have great ideas but one of our biggest problems is how we can start, and grow our business, with limited capital. ComeCarry.com is designed to work with our partners (that's you) to make your dream of financial posperity come true.

How we do it
At ComeCarry.com we will provide all our registered partners with stock of high quality brand new ladies clothes, baby clothes and accessories with no upfront payment for the goods for you to sell at the price and speed that suits you and your customers.


Register your interest with us and join our family of partners. Registration provides you with access to marketing materials with proven sales techniques and of course access to our inventory of high quality clothing from reputable brand names from across the world.

Sell your items at a price that works for you. Once the pack is sold, we will give you another pack, again with nothing to pack upfront. It is that simple! Each time you sell your inventory you come back to restock with no upfront payment.

Sounds simple? It is, but partnership places are limited, so register and start your road to financial freedom now.

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